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    Job Opportunities

    Enrollment of IMDS for Post-doctoral

    IMDS led by Prof. Hai-Tao Zhang and Prof. Ye Yuan has been engaged in research of artificial intelligence, collective intelligence, collaborative manufacturing of group robots, coordination control of fully autonomous unmanned surface vessels for a long time. Now IMDS laboratory is recruiting 1-2 full-time post-doctoral and inviting the outstanding scientists join.


    I. Post-doctoral research interest

    1. Mechanical system modeling and control

    2. Complex network and multi-agent system control

    3. Intelligent learning and big data


    II. Recruitment requirements

    1. Full-time post-doctoral, under the age of 35, Ph.D graduation no more than 3 years;

    2. Professional direction: automation, machine, mathematics, computer science, physics, etc.;

    3. The one who has relevant research experience is preferred;

    4. Strong theoretical foundation, practical ability, independent research capability, and good spirit of cooperation.


    III. Job responsibilities

    1. To undertake the project given by the head of IMDS;

    2. To assist the head of IMDS in guiding postgraduate students;

    3  To apply for research projects independently or assist the application of projects;

    4. To assist the head of IMDS in construction and management of laboratory.


    IV. Working condition and treatment

    1. After the candidate is employed, enjoy the related treatment of "Interim Provisions on Ppostdoctoral management of Huazhong University of Science and Technology". In addition, the laboratory will provide monthly subsidy and year-end bonus according to the actual work. The annual salary of 200,000 and more (including housing allowance). Specific issues will be discussed when interview personally.

    2. IMDS provides an excellent scientific research environment, creates a good platform for personal development, and encourages the establishment of new research directions and declaration of national funds.

    3. IMDS provides opportunities for cooperation with well-known foreigen universities and enterprises, encourages the research and development of key technologies to promote innovation.

    4. The outstanding individuals can participate in the evaluation of professional title and can be recommended to be a teacher based on the work during the postdoctoral period.


    V. Application materials

    1. Personal resume;

    2. Main achievements presentation;

    3. Proof of representative papers or patents, software and other achievements;

    4. A cover letter to describe the research plan in two years.


    VI. Application method

    Please send the application materials to E-mail: zht@mail.hust.edu.cn, yye@hust.edu.cn (Title should be indicated as "Apply for postdoctoral").


    (Data update to :2017-11-20)