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Multi-robot collaborative manufacturing

Multi-robot collaborative manufacturing

Main Research Points

The international manufacturing industry is changing to a large, complex, dynamic and open, and the complex operations of modern manufacturing require the collaboration of multiple robots. However, the current multi-robot production line often adopts the centralized control structure, which is difficult to adapt to the task-oriented small batch and multi-variety production, thus lacks the ability of agile manufacturing.

Main Research Progresses

Aiming at the demand of agile manufacturing for multi-robot collaborative control, we explore the action law of low-level individual bio-intelligence on the dynamics of cluster dynamics in the natural world, and refine the effect of individual predictive intelligence on the stability and synergy efficiency of cluster configuration, reveal the dynamic evolution and self-organized phase transition of three typical multi-robot cooperative configurations of “swarming/vortex/migration”.

Application Prospects

The effects of coordinated control of multi-robot systems on the efficiency, compliance and consistency of intelligent manufacturing processes are studied in depth. The predictive control strategies of multi-robots in constrained spaces and the self-organizing control methods of cooperative motion configurations are developed.

(Data update to :2018-01-13)