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Nano positioning

Nano positioning

Main Research Points

1. The modeling of the nonlinear dynamics, including creep and hysteresis in nano-positioning.

2. Develop robust adaptive control strategies to suppress the adverse effects of multi-axis coupling, nonlinearity and parameter drift.

3. Develop the large-stroke multi-axis macro-micro-saturation motion control to improve the positioning accuracy and speed.


Main Research Progresses

1. Designed a piezoelectric ceramics hysteresis nonlinear output regulation control method based on Bouc-wen model which hops the hysteresis ellipse into a straight line.

2. Developed the quasi-time optimal servo control technology QTOS, which notably improves the positioning accuracy under the premise of ensuring the positioning accuracy.

3. By simulated the human arm structure, developed a two-stage redundant predictive controller, further improved the control accuracy.


Application Prospects

This technology is widely used in the manufacture of micro and nano lithography process of nano-positioning of silicon, electronic assembly of high-precision components positioning, atomic force microscope high-speed scanning and other high-speed and high-precision positioning system.

(Data update to :2018-01-11)