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Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence and UAV-USV Cross-domain Formation Coordination

Main Research Points

Collective intelligence is mainly embodied in the fact that complex group behaviors can emerge from simple behaviors of multiple individuals. The UAV-USV cross-domain formation coordination technology and equipment play a vital role in safeguarding China's maritime rights and interests and controlling China's water resources. The national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology, and the military commission of science and technology have all identified collaborative unmanned systems as the future strategic development direction. This research aims to reveal the law and regulation mechanism of collective intelligence in nature, and then apply collective intelligence to UAV-USV cross-domain formation coordination. At the same time, the core theories of UAV-USV water area perception, path planning and collaborative control are studied.

Main Research Progresses

1. In the aspect of collective intelligence, the configuration phase transition rule of collective dynamics system was revealed, and the formation switching algorithm under spatial constraints was proposed. The corresponding results were reported as a research highlight by the international top journal Nature Physics (IF: 22.7) in 2016.

2. In the aspect of collaborative control, a delay-applied network control strategy with embedded chip is designed to solve the problem that the controller needs to be updated in real time while the signal processing capacity of embedded control system chip is limited. An embedded underdrive controller and its prototype electromechanical gas system based on machine learning were developed. The lake track tracking test of HUSTER-12 boat was completed.

3. Inthe aspect ofmulti-boat coordination, the multi-boatcoordinationexperiment platform of the HUSTER-12 and the 30cm dinghy was developed to realize the formation coordination control of arbitrary closed curve. A multi-boat experiment platform was set up in Songshan lake reservoir of Dongguan city, the multi-boat formation, round up, salvage, monitoring and other experiments of the HUSTER-12 unmanned boat were realized.

4. Inthe aspect ofcore equipment, we developed functional components such as environmental perception, autonomous control, path planning and collaborative control, participated in the development of HUSTER-68 and HUSTER-12, and designed 3d-printed 0.3m dinghy. And "Autonomous unmanned boat formation system and equipment" won the gold medal of the 46th international invention exhibition in Geneva.

5.nthe aspect ofUAV, more than two types of UAV have been purchased and assembled. The UAV multi-source information fusion technology is used to realize the perception of the surrounding environment. Using artificial intelligence control, the function of hover positioning in complex environment is realized. Image processing technology based on deep convolutional network is used to identify surface targets and detect pollutants and obstacles.

Application Prospects

Deployment, patrol, encircle, survey, search and rescue, material delivery and other complex formation tasks in the waters; environmental survey and pollutant cleaning in inland rivers; oil spill cleaning, patrol and anti-smuggling in offshore waters.

(Data update to :2018-01-13)